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On Thursdays Mark Levin show, If the president had complied with every demand and subpoena for witnesses, classified information, and grand jury information, as the Democrat managers have insisted for days he was required to do, the president wouldve destroyed the office of the presidency, crippled the executive branch, effectively eviscerated separation of powers, and helped establish an extraordinarily powerful and tyrannical House. Its the president whos defending and protecting the Constitution, for which the radical and rogue House Democrats have impeached him and demand his removal. The Democrats purpose here is to prevent the President from even running for re-election. We must treat this campaign and this election like we are way behind, because everything is at stake. Also, John Roberts was out of line when he refused to read Sen Rand Pauls question at the impeachment trial about Eric Ciaramella. Roberts is in effect doing the work of the democrats. There was nothing wrong with Rands question. Finally, Rabbi Shmuley calls in to discuss Trumps middle east peace plan.


Sanders Plans to Sign Dozens of Executive Orders Upon Taking Office: ‘We Cannot Accept Delays from Congress

AP-NORC poll: GOP more fired up for 2020, Democrats anxious

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