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Dr. Douglas Howard is an American physician, medical researcher, and international lecturer. He specializes in phytonutrition and its application in daily living. Since his youth, Dr. Howard has been driven with a passion to save and improve lives. At the early age of 14 he began working at Pioneer Memorial Medical Center in St. George, Utah. At the age of 15 he was employed at the Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas in nuclear medicine. At the age of 16 he was a full-time employee working as an emergency room technician at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Avid in the pursuit of a medical career, he was even given a special waiver by the governor to receive his EMT-certification before the age of 18. That was just the beginning.

Throughout his life and studies, Dr. Howard developed an intense interest in lifestyle diseases and the immune system response. His pursuit for knowledge has been never ending. He studied Homeopathy in Germany, Chiropractic in the United States, and Medicine in Russia. While in Russia he studied at both St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Institute (now Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy) and at the Pavlov First Medical Institute (also known as Saint Petersburg State Medical University). In addition, internationally he has worked on clinical studies in Finland. His broad and extensive experiences give him a unique whole mind & body perspective on health.

In more recent years Dr. Howard has turned much of his time and efforts to research in hope of discovering the key to enhancing proper immune system function. Because of his unique background and expertise, Dr. Howard is requested to lecture throughout the world. Today, we are able to benefit from his research through the development of Balance of Nature supplements.

The Balance of Nature Story

Our story begins in the early 90’s with a young physician named Dr. Douglas Howard, who was concerned about keeping his family and patients active and healthy. All of Dr. Howard’s research and experience pointed to one major issue, which if solved could decrease many of the terrible health conditions on the rise. He found a major problem with our nation’s diminishing health is that people are nutritionally starving themselves while overeating empty foods.

Searching for Solutions

The solution was not easy, but it was simple. Dr. Howard just needed to find a way to help his patients eat better. He encouraged them to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. However, like most of us, his patients found it very difficult to eat what was recommended. As so many other doctors and health professionals, he began to try different forms of supplementation.

Filtering through thousands of choices and contradicting studies seemed endless. For years he struggled with questions like, “which plant nutrients are best? and at what amount? and at what ratio to the others?” The nutritional recommendations were continually changing with each new discovery and fad that hit the market. Even with whole food derived vitamins and minerals he ran into problems and side effects. He knew the human body was not changing, and neither were its nutritional requirements. He continued his research for a better solution.

Juicing was the next route he took with his patients. Although this proved to be more effective, it did not provide the same results as consuming the whole food. Many diabetic patients had a hard time with it. It was also expensive and very time consuming. Dr. Howard came to the conclusion that there was not yet an easy and effective way to get whole fruits and vegetables into his patient’s diets and he needed to do something different.

Flash Drying

Around this time, the freeze drying process of dehydrating food became available, or reasonable, for companies other than NASA. Freeze drying can dehydrate foods with pressure at cold temperatures. Dr. Howard began researching which freeze drying techniques best preserved nutrition. In 1996 he helped develop a unique process called “flash-drying.” Flash drying preserves 99.9% of every plant nutrient, or phytochemical, naturally found in the food and makes it possible to concentrate whole foods to a powder without losing the balance nature provides.

Which Foods are Best?

Dr. Howard saw the potential in this new way of eating whole foods and spent days and nights researching which fruits and vegetables were most effective in improving 1) cellular protection, 2) cellular repair, and 3) a cells ability to identify itself as mutated or beyond repair and to self-destruct. In 1997, after thousands of hours of research, he had developed the unique combination of 31 fruits and vegetables still used today in the formulation of Balance of Nature’s Fruits and Veggies®.

Continuing Research

Once he had finished his formula, the fun part began for Dr. Howard: getting real studies and real results. As more and more people benefited from taking Fruits and Veggies®, Dr. Howard was able to provide more and more clinical evidence that supported all the success. As he has continued his research, he has developed additional whole food products that make up the Balance of Nature Whole Health System®.

Health Coaching

Today, our mission has grown beyond providing a way for the average person to eat healthier. Our goal at Balance of Nature is to educate the world through Health Coaching. More people need to understand the benefits of healthy living and the pitfalls of being over medicated (which includes the overuse of daily isolated vitamins). You can count on the fact that our products and any products we recommend will be made with real food and not contain ingredients synthesized or extracted in a lab. We encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and not to compromise or accept the decreasing standards in the current nutrition industry. Our health coaches will guide you to a healthier lifestyle and encourage you to Get Real, with Real Food, Real Science, and Real Nutrition.

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