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Breaking News Trump Assassination Plot

The Vinnie Medugno Show

On-Air: Sat 5-6PM

Join Vinnie Medugno on Saturday at 5pm! Now you can enjoy two nights of the music you love from 77 WABC’s living jukebox, Vinne Medugno!

On Saturdays, Vinne will get you prepped and ready for the Saturday Night Rock n Roll Party with everyone’s favorite, Cousin Brucie! Vinnie plans to take you back to those days of good music and memories, while spotlighting specific years and artists throughout the best era of the greatest songs ever! Plus we open Vinnie’s Vinyl Vault every week and travel back to where we were the first time we heard some of those rare cuts!

Then on Sundays, Vinnie will again get the party jumping and after Ramsey’s Sunday with Sinatra hosted by Joe Piscopo! So join Vinnie LIVE every Saturday 5-6pm amazing evening lineup of talent and tunes here on Music Radio 77 WABC!

About Vinnie

Vinnie Medugno is enthusiastic in every sense of the word! A jack of all trades as he is known to be, he entertains, teaches Broadcast Media in his alma matter high school, does charity work, and can also be seen alongside some of the biggest names in reality television, as well as the radio and music industries. This charismatic young talent is constantly on the move, and on the rise. Whether it is hosting or performing, this incredible young, good-looking personality takes the stage and commands it.

Performing since the age of 8, he knew then that his star would one day shine. He is an entertainment mogul having gotten his start in the private entertainment DJ scene, along with building the skills to spin live in a nightclub filled to the max. Vinnie also loves swooning audiences on stages at shows, festivals, charity events, and concerts opening for some of the biggest names in the solid gold oldies and Rock n’ Roll genres. He’s performed for sold out audiences in and around the tri-state area from the PNC Arts Center, to Atlantic City, and his hometown venue of the St. George Theatre in Staten Island.

A renowned local dance music artist with a buzz tied to his name, Vinnie recorded three singles with two that had popularity across the country. His debut single was a hit on the Billboard Underground Dance Music Chart in 2009. Shortly thereafter he put out a Christmas compilation titled “Mr. Christmas,” to celebrate his longstanding engagement in the annual St. George Theatre Christmas Show, where he is featured every December. He’s been alongside Brooklyn singer Maria Venuto, where the two crossed over within the dance genre to put out an Italian remake of the songs Ci Sara and Felicita made famous by Al Bano and Romina Power. With over a quarter of a million streams, and worldwide reach, the song became a hit, and is gaining popularity locally. His albums titled “Happy Heart,” and “Silhouettes of the 6,” highlight his eclectic style in oldies music, complimenting his vocal range, and vast knowledge within the genre. They are being successfully received across the country, and he has even performed for Sirius XM satellite radio, live on the Cousin Brucie Show, before Bruce Morrow’s return to WABC radio. His most recent release titled “Jamming with The Coda Band,” highlights the music he tours and performs with his live band and back up trio named The Chiclettes.

In the radio market, he has had great success as a part time producer, shift fill-in, and board operator at the home for New York’s Greatest Hits, WCBSFM 101.1, where he has been heard alongside some of the most legendary jocks in radio. In Summer of 2020 he was invited to flip the switch and help bring music “back where it all started,” on music radio 77 WABC as host of the “All American Weekend,” where he interviewed icons like Felix Cavaliere, Tommy James, Tony Orlando and Frankie Valli among others. This would be the early start of music’s return to WABC in over thirty-five years. Currently, he’s been added to the music radio lineup on Saturday and Sunday. His show and the stations popularity are gaining momentum and success with the preservation of music from the 50s, 60s and 70s! As for reality television, Vinnie served as personal assistant and social media manager for the late VH-1 star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, where he was heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of her career, and various aspects of production right up to her unfortunate passing in 2016. He also filmed and landed the pitch for the recently aired HGTV and Discovery Plus series titled “Forty Year Old Property Virgin.”

For sure, Medugno has his hands in many different facets of the industry, but most definitely ties them all together with his charismatic on stage persona and presence when he is hosting a live show or event. Whether you know him as “Mr. Staten Island,” “Mr. Christmas,” or just simply “Vinnie,” he will undoubtedly make you feel like the only person in the room. No matter what, he never forgets his humble Staten Island roots, and will always remain true to who he is, but have a good time while doing so.

Your Cousin Vinnie