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The Energy Show

On-Air: Paid Programming 3-4PM

The Energy Show is the first HIGH ENERGY Radio Broadcast designed for commercial, Industrial and residential users. In it, the star of the show, energy celebrity Ron Urban discusses how green building, energy efficiencies, renewable energy, products, designs and green trends can dynamically benefit individuals and businesses. Our overall theme places focus on the financial and sustainable energy opportunities, leveraged through weekly Q & A’s with industry experts. The show will feature expert testimony from engineers, architects, manufacturers, financial institutions, accounting firms, developers designers and more. Each episode will be sponsored by and emanate high energy and brands that surround it and the industry.

For over 35 years, Ron Urban has led an impressive career in general contracting, electrical contracting, design, energy efficiency and renewable energy. In 1982, he founded Tecron Electrical Contractors and Engineers, this became the parent company of Electrical Concepts and Construction. Each of Ron’s firms provided complete design and build planning and general contracting administration for commercial and industrial projects throughout New Jersey. Working closely with architects and engineers, Mr. Urban has developed complex projects from conceptual drawings through the design and build stage. He has extensive consulting experience as a planning board expert, land developer and electrical contracting and building designer. Ron can do it all and will save you money while doing it! In 2010 Ron teamed up with former Renewable Energy Technical Director for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Launching Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Together, they decided that consumer education would be the cornerstone and founding principle of their business plan.

Under the direction of Mr. Urban, the AS&ES team continues to educate clients about solar energy systems, energy efficiency upgrades, tax benefits and financial options in the residential and commercial realms. To date we have installed, reached and educated well over 5 Million people and local businesses – and counting.

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