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Give him a call LIVE Saturday mornings on the HouseSmarts Radio program between 7-8am EST at 800-848-WABC.


Since 1995, Lou Manfredini has developed a loyal following nationwide who’ve grown to rely upon his entertaining mix of practical, useful and valuable home improvement advice. While new to 77 WABC, Lou is no stranger to the home-improvement world. He also is a regular contributor to NBC’s Today Show, host of the Mr. Fix-It Show on WGN Radio Chicago, serves as Ace Hardware’s Home Expert and hosts the syndicated TV show HouseSmarts which airs on WNBC New York at 4:30a Saturdays.

From early on, houses and the art of building captivated Lou. As a teen, the Chicago-area native went to work at a local hardware store to learn about housing structures, the tools of building and home improvement projects. Later, during high school, he decided to put what he had learned to practical use and began working as a carpenter’s apprentice. Then, in 1987, Manfredini ventured out on his own and launched a construction company. He not only built and renovated people’s homes; he gave people a better understanding of how their homes worked.

After 8 successful years in business, Manfredini had gained so much knowledge about homes that he began to consider ways to more broadly share this expertise with others. He believed that a house was more like a living entity than an inanimate collection of lumber, wiring and plumbing. By showing people how various systems and components in a house rely on each other and instilling a greater understanding of a house as a “whole,” Manfredini thought everyone could have greater success in their home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

Armed with his expertise and enthusiasm, Manfredini began a media career on WGN-AM 720 Radio which lead to frequent guest appearances on HGTV, CNN, Discovery, The Weather Channel, the History Channel, NBC’s Today Show, his own show HouseSmarts TV and now HouseSmarts Radio on WABC!

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