Cauliflower Calamity | 6-17-22

On tonight’s edition of the Other Side of Midnight: Frank Morano is an arbiter extraordinaire. It’s Friday on the Other Side, so we reign in the weekend with Ask Frank Anything! Later, everyone’s favorite edu-tainer and astronomer,

Steve Kates, aka Dr. Sky | 6-17-22

Frank Morano studies the constellations with Steve Kates, aka Dr. Sky, a veteran radio and TV broadcaster and edu-tainer with expertise in astronomy and space.

Dr. Sky, Steve Kates | 09-05-21

Steve Kates is an Astronomer and TV personality. Fall is a great time for sky watching! The September skies & Harvest Moon on September 20th.

Vaccines, Planets and Time Travel, Oh My! | 8-18-21

On this edition of The Other Side of Midnight, Frank discusses the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, the planets with Steve Kates, a.k.a. Dr. Sky, and asks the question: if you could time travel,