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Peace At Last | 09-16-2020

If you listen to the fake news media or Democrat politicians, peace in the Middle East would never happen following the end of the Iran deal, and even more unlikely it would be Donald Trump who would try and bring peace to the Middle East. Well, they would be wrong because President Donald Trump signed a peace deal that is the beginning of bring peace to the Middle East. Bernie and Sid are excited that the deal went down and explain the deal for you as well as what it means for the future in the Middle East. Plus, Bernie and Sid get into Joe Biden leaving his basement to go to Tampa where the only people who showed up at his event were Trump supporter, Chuck Schumer absolutely bombing at Gotham Comedy Club, and the ABC town hall where Trump was ambushed by George Stephanopoulos and the preselected audience members. And you are going to want to take a listen to the interview Bernie and Sid did this morning with the ardent Trump supporters, Diamond and Silk. Attorney Alan Dershowitz stops by to give the latest on his lawsuit filed against CNN. And ‘Beat Bernie’!!!

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