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Out Of Gas | 05-13-2021

Thanks to law enforcement in Florida, the man who shot a 4-year-old girl, amongst others, in Times Square was caught in Florida when, get this, HE RAN OUT OF GAS!!! Sometimes you cannot make this stuff up. The perp will be brought back to New York and thanks to our putz of a Governor, he will be back out on the streets within days. We hope not though. Bernie and Sid have the latest on that story plus, the New York Knicks make the playoffs, Italian Americans taking to the streets of NYC to defend Christopher Columbus, the cybersecurity issues the country faces following the hack of the Colonial Pipeline, NYC banning straws, NYC giving Asian Americans whistles to combat the rise on Asian hate crimes, Israel and Palestine at each other’s throats, and parents suing NYC for not allowing in-person learning. Is that not enough for you? Bernie and Sid also have Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli stop by to talk about the Columbus Day rally as well as the unrest in the Middle East. Bill O’Reilly joins the program for his weekly appearance, which you do not want to miss. Dr Nicole Saphier calls in to talk with the guys about her new book “Panic Attack ” and gives them the latest on the Trump vaccines and gives advice on whether children should get it. If that was not enough for you, Lidia Curanaj also joins the guys to talk about the Chinese governemnt using slave labor to manufacture batteries and solar panels, and John Kerry is cool with it. Folks, you get it all here on Bernie and Sid in the Morning.

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