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Imus, Back From The Dead | 5-27-20

That’s right, Don Imus has resurfaced, and he did so in a way that supports President Trump and his mission to drain the swamp. Who better than Bernie and Sid, two Imus in the Morning alums, to discuss exactly why Imus was a topic of interest today? Joe Scarborough was on with Imus in 2003 when he made a joke about the dead intern that turned up in his Congressional office years prior. Fast-forward to 2020 and President Trump is teasing the idea that the case should be reopened and the audio of Scarborough with Imus shows that Joe might not be all that innocent. Bernie and Sid cover that plus Joe Biden tries to explain away his racist comments, Andrew Cuomo says that it is now cool to wear a mask, and the NHL becomes the first professional sports league to announce their plans to reopen.

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