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Colorblind Cockpits | 04-08-2021

United Airlines has come out and declared that their pilots ability to fly planes will not matter. What will matter is the color of your skin and/or the genitals you have. You can bet we are not getting on a United Airlines flight anytime soon. Bernie and Sid break down that story plus Andrew Cuomo apparently just now realized that New York City has a crime problem, Dave Chappelle says that it was celebs that left nasty notes for Donald Trump in the White House (not Obama staffers), and Jen Psaki shows just how much of a smart ass she is when asked about Kamala Harris traveling to a Chicago bakery but not the catastrophe at the border. Congressman Lee Zeldin stops by the show this morning to break the news that he is throwing his hat in the ring for Governor of New York. New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy joins Bernie and Sid to discuss Zeldin running for Governor as well as the atrocious woke budget that Andrew Cuomo is proposing. It’s Thursday which means Bill O’Reilly is here to weigh in on anything and everything happening across the state and the nation. Plus, The Peerless Boilers Beat Bernie Contest and a Barrie Coffee mug giveaway!!!

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