In the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is easy to let anxiety and stress take over you when the world and nation is in a seemingly constant state of panic. You may be fearful about yourself or a loved one contracting the virus, how long we will be in this pandemic and/or a variety of other concerns. While everyone reacts differently to these types of situations, it is important to make sure that you are coping in a healthy way.

Here are some tips to help ease the unavoidable stress, and preserve your mental health:

  1. Don’t spend the majority of your time listening to, watching or reading the news. While getting the latest updates is important, the news media tends to show a lot of upsetting statistics and stories regarding the pandemic. It heightens anxiety and stress levels for those who are trying to cope.
  2. Understand the facts. Reassure that you are receiving the correct information regarding the virus. Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong can alleviate any unnecessary stress caused by false reports. Click here for the key facts about the outbreak.
  3. Engage in activities you enjoy. Read that book you’ve always wanted to, watch a funny show or movie, do an at-home workout or cook your favorite recipe.
  4. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. With all the time spent at home, it can be easy to get out of routine and fall back into unhealthy habits. Get a reasonable amount of sleep, eat healthy and keep your body moving.
  5. Get outside. If the weather permits, take a walk or jog around your neighborhood. Sit outside in your backyard or on your porch if you have one. Fresh air will uplift your spirits.
  6. Talk to your loved ones. Give your friends and family a call or FaceTime. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, share those concerns with them.
  7. Breathe. These circumstances are temporary, and we will eventually get back to life as we know it. This too shall pass!


If you feel as if you or someone you know has little or no control over their mental health, call a healthcare provider to seek further assistance or call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990. In an emergency, dial 911.