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Special Event: Russian New Year

С Новым годом!


Learn more about the Russian heritage!

Russia and New Year x 2!

In Russia, the people celebrate the New Year’s holiday twice! Once on December 31st/January 1st as per the Gregorian calendar. The second, Russia’s “Old” New Year is celebrated on January 13th/January14th which follows the Julian or Orthodox calendar.  

For additional information:  

Russian Heritage Celebrates the “Old” New Year!

In 1995, Russian culture was highlighted in the Tampa Bay area (which includes Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa) Florida.  

The Florida International Museum hosted an incredible exhibit, “Treasures of the Czars” from the Museum of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. This exhibit prompted the area to connect with its cultural past and Russian themes, resulting in the following:

– The Fine Arts Museum hosted an exhibit on Russian art.
– The History Museum featured an exhibit of Peter Demens’ (Demientieff) work. [Note: He is connected to the founding of Saint Petersburg.]
– Eckerd College and University of South Florida offered a special course on Russia built upon a lecture series that brought acclaimed scholars to the campuses.

The interest in Russia and Russian culture led residents, especially Tatiana Vondessar and Vera Espinola, to found the cultural, educational, and philanthropic organization named Russian Heritage in the Tampa Bay area. (  Margo Vondersaar-Catsimatidis, Tatiana’s daughter said she was “compelled to keep Russian culture alive” 
in the Tampa Bay community. Russian Heritage supports:

– Educational and Cultural Programs
– The Russian Heritage Scholarship Fund and other Charitable Donations
– Scholarship Funds for American Students Traveling to Russia
– Contributions to Charitable Causes 

In addition, the Russian Heritage Organization hosts an annual Winter Ball to mark the Russian New Year.