Huge Asteroid will Miss Earth


CAPE CANAVERAL, FL- An asteroid as big as a skyscraper will pass within nearly 2 million miles of Earth on Friday. NASA says three smaller asteroids also will miss Earth Friday, with another two on Saturday.  Scientists

Florida Sending One Thousand Troops To Southern Border


(UNDATED) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is sending 1 thousand National Guard and State Guard troops to Texas to help with placing razor wire along the southern border. The Supreme Court ruled last week that the federal

What’s Next in New York’s War on Trash?


(New York, NY) – New York City is planning to roll out some new garbage trucks, as the Big Apple’s war on rats continues. Mayor Adams says these are automated, side-loading garbage trucks. They’re hitting the streets

Why Did This Canadian Pizza Hut Go Viral?


(New York, NY) – You could say dinner was “cut short” at a Pizza Hut in Canada last week. And after the restaurant posted a sign out front to explain the kitchen had to close, the entire

A New Bill of Rights? That’s Heavy


(New York, NY) – There are now eight ways to look out for heavy people in the US. Ten years after the American Medical Association classified obesity as a chronic disease in need of comprehensive care, an

Record air travel at Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports


(New York, NY) — New York’s three major airports are setting records for air travel with 2023 marking the busiest year ever for LaGuardia, JFK and Newark Liberty International Airports. The Port Authority says 144-million people took

Jewish students harassed in NYC public schools


(New York, NY)  — Jewish students and teachers were rallying outside the Department of Education on Wednesday, because they say the New York City public school system is not doing enough to protect them in class. One

Cops were out confiscating migrant scooters


(New York, NY) — NYPD cops were out last night taking unregistered scooters off city streets. Many of those electric bikes are owned by migrants that have recently arrived here from the U.S. Southern border. Police say