Senate Leader, Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Dies At 98

TOPEKA, Kan. (77 WABC) — Elizabeth Dole has tweeted that her husband, Republican political icon Bob Dole, has died at age 98. Dole overcame disabling war wounds to become a sharp-tongued Senate leader from Kansas, a Republican

Both Sides Planning for New State-By-State Abortion Fight

WASHINGTON (77 WABC) — As the Supreme Court court weighs the future of the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, a resurgent anti-abortion movement is looking to press its advantage in state-by-state battles while abortion-rights supporters prepare

No Shortage of Sanction Options if Russia Invades Ukraine

WASHINGTON (77 WABC) — The Biden administration has plenty of options to make good on its pledge to hit Russia financially if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, from sanctions targeting Putin’s associates to cutting Russia off from