NYC’s Back w/ Lauren Conlin: Guest Jacqueline Toboroff This week Lauren is joined by Republican Candidate for City Council (District 1), Jacqueline Toboroff. Jackie is a Manhattan native with two children, and gives an amazing perspective of what NYC needs through the eyes of

Transgender march for fairness in casting on Broadway!

New York, NY (77WABC)- It was an important day in Times Square yesterday as transgender actors and advocates gathered to march for more ‘trans inclusion’ on Broadway. Called the Trans March on Broadway, the event was organized

Blinken, McCaul, & Klain not on the same page?

New York, NY (77WABC)- With the chaotic evacuation of Americans and Allies in Afghanistan, the government doesn’t seem to be on the same page when addressing the American people. Just yesterday Representative Michael McCaul stated that certain