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Actress Shannon Dang on ‘Red Carpet Rendezvous’!

Photo courtesy of 'Kung Fu'/CW

New York, NY (77WABC)-  Actress Shannon Dang is a rising star who can currently be seen starring in the hit CW drama, “Kung Fu.” “Kung Fu” first premiered April 7th, and the season finale airs tonight, July 21st, at 8pm EST on the CW! Don’t fret though, the show has already been picked up for a season 2. Shannon plays Althea Shen, the tech savvy, larger-than life older sister to martial arts expert Nicky. The series, which is a reimagining of the 1970’s series of the same name, is the first network drama to feature a predominantly Asian-American cast. In a wacky coincidence, her grandfather actually appeared in the original 1970’s series.

Shannon’s character on the show, Athena, also has a major breakthrough that is very important to the storyline of the show as well as the current climate of the world.

Shannon joined Lauren Conlin on ‘Red Carpet Rendezvous Podcast’ to discuss the show, her life, and lots of other fun stories! Shannon is so impressive, that she was once a professional dancer for NBA and NFL teams.

“Going back to my grandpa being in the entertainment industry, I think since I was young my parents wanted to get my cousins and I into the movie business and anything to do with performing. So I started out in commercials- which is easy when you’re a fearless little kid! Once I got older, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it- I got more self aware. But I LOVED dancing.  I started doing musical theater, and I fell in love with performing as a whole,” Shannon tells Lauren.

Don’t forget to watch the season finale of ‘Kung Fu’ on the CW tonight at 8pm EST!

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