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President Biden Heads to Brussels for NATO Summit; Preps for Meeting with Putin

Credit: The White House

London, England (77WABC / AP) — Wrapping up meetings at the G-7 Summit, President Joe Biden says the U.S. has restored its presence on the world stage. Biden used his first overseas trip to connect with a new generation of leaders from some of the world’s most powerful countries.

The White House his goal was to also unite allies around addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and China’s trade and labor practices.

The President’s three-day trip has been defined as an “extraordinarily collaborative and productive meeting,” as he met with the Group of Seven summit wealthy democracies. Biden’s theme during the G7 summit was “building back better” as he pushed to end the Coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

The G-7 Summit, the first leg on a three summit tour of Europe for the President and First Lady, ended their stay in the U.K. by joining Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle for afternoon tea. President Biden is the 13th American president her royal highness has met.

Credit: The White House

The foreign trip comes as an ABC News / Ipsos poll finds 52% of Americans have enormous trust in President Biden to negotiate with world leaders. The question becomes whether Biden will be the ultimate negotiator or aggressor when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

Credit: Associated Press

Putin has been upfront in publically stating relations between Russia and the United States are at a low point. The President agrees with him and pledges to be “straightforward and candid” with Putin during their summit. Biden was thrown a barrage of questions about the decision for his administration not to hold a joint press conference with the Russian President after their meeting.

But before he heads to Geneva, the President will spend the next 48 hours in Brussels, to participate in his first NATO Summit.

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