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NFL Assistant Coaches to Lose Tier 1 Status

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New York (77WABC) – At least four NFL assistant coaches are set to lose Tier 1 status because they refuse to get vaccinated, according to Tom Pelissero.

Tier 1 status means that they will not be able to access the field, meeting rooms, or talk to players.

There’s a deadline too – they need to get the first vaccine shot by next week.

The only reason that would exempt them from getting the vaccine would be if they were able to present a valid medical or religious reason.

The NFL’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Adam Sills, told the NFL clubs that all players, coaches, and staff have to be vaccinated before the start of training camp in July. For that to be achieved, they would have to get the first shot by June 7.

However, as per current NFL rules, players do not have to get vaccinated. Pelissero said, “So an unvaccinated player can interact with a vaccinated coach but not vice versa.”

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