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Christina Legotti

My daughter, Christina Legotti, is a hero. She is a nurse in the Medical ICU in New York City. When Covid started last March, she worked nights and days. She returned home after each shift working in the Covid unit physically exhausted, mentally stressed, and emotionally depleted. Few things distracted her from her work. Even at home she worried about her patients, their families, and her colleagues. As her parents, we are doing our best to provide support and keep her life bright in any way possible and that is why I am entering her in this contest.

Christina Legotti, a 27 year old critical care nurse, was herself ill and hospitalized for 8 days in early February of 2020 with an unspecific illness. Remember this was preCovid. This resulted in her taking a medical leave to recover. She was on medical leave recovering when Covid 19 came to NYC in March. She could not stay home while critically ill patients overran NYC hospitals. She returned to work in the MICU at Northwell’s LIJ Hospital in NYC. She averaged over 60 hours a week. Her stories of her patients are too sad to repeat, but she returns to work each day with the hope that she can make a difference. Christina treats her patients like she would a family member. This is especially important because their own family members cannot visit. She facilitates face time conversations with their loved ones and coordinates end of life visits. Christina is an amazing individual, an astute and compassionate nurse, and a hero. I tell her that her patients are lucky to have her as their nurse in life and death, and she quickly reminds me that she feels fortunate to be able to provide care and comfort in their time of need.

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