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Basketball Great, Nancy Lieberman Is Here For An Open Conversation, Not To Be Threatened

Basketball Hall Of Fame Class of 1986 inductee Nancy Lieberman joins Bernie and Sid as they celebrate International Women’s day. Nancy comments on her experiences growing up in an era where women athletes did not have the benefits provided by Title IX, transgender athletes and transgender rights, and the cancel culture that is sweeping the nation.

“I wouldn’t want to put young women athletes in a place where they can’t excel,” says Lieberman. The basketball pioneer is 100% for the transgender community, but on the court men and women are biologically built differently.

“I think it’s a little more difficult than a ‘for’ or ‘against’, I’m for the transgender community having 100% rights, I think you have to follow the science, and if you biologically with your hormones grew up being a boy, there is scientific proof that your muscle mass, your speed, your quickness, your strength, is much greater than a woman, so I wouldn’t want to put young women athletes in a place where they can’t excel, where they are discriminated against because they are competing against, even though there are men that become women, which is fine if that’s how you identify, but it wouldn’t matter in the workplace, it wouldn’t matter in other situations but why not have two podiums, why not be able to compete and do what you love and just have a separate podium, if you have decided that this is what you want to be, and you make that transformation prior to puberty then I think we are playing on a level playing field but once your hormones kick in it’s not a level playing field.”

Lieberman describes how there was no gender equity of title 9 when she played ball in the 80s.

“That was not by design, that was just because I loved the game, and there was no WNBA, and there was no place for me to play, so, I had to do whatever it was that I had to do, and if I wanted to play basketball than I had to play against men. We’ve come a long way, there was no title 9, there was no gender equity, there was no WNBA, and if you loved something you just went and played and just did what you had to do, so that was my life, so it was normal for me.”

The basketball great says we have to keep emotion out of decision making.

“We want people to be woke, we don’t want people to have cancel culture, we want to respect everybody but you can’t just make emotional decisions, you have to make some decisions in something’s that are based not in this is what I feel, this is the truth this is the science and that’s all it is, it’s a conversation.”


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