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Crime wave continues on bus and subways, NYPD cop bitten

NEW YORK CITY (77WABC) – Crime continues across the subway and buses with a man now under arrest for forcibly humping a stranger on a Queens bus. The NYPD arrested 32 year old Edward Velazquez after he was recognized in bus surveillance video distributed by police on social media.

Police say he boarded an eastbound Q58 MTA bus about 4:40 a.m. Saturday and immediately walked up to the 44-year-old victim, grabbing her butt and pressing his crotch into her.

On Friday just after 12:30pm, a teenager was punched in the face by a sleeping subway passenger she had woken up, who police believe was under the influence of drugs.

The attack happened at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway stop in midtown, according to police. A 19-year-old woman appeared to be with a group of people on a southbound A train when they tried to wake up a sleeping passenger.

The sleeping man, who police believe was high on synthetic marijuana, immediately became irate when he was woken up, and punched the teenager in the face. A fellow train rider broke up the fight.

Police were attempting to take the 28-year-old suspect, whose identity has not been released, into custody at the Columbus Circle station when he resisted arrest and bit an officer on the arm, according to police, and even broke the skin. He was eventually taken into custody, and taken for a psych evaluation.


Then on February 12th, the NYPD released photos of the man below for slashing a man across the neck in the Bronx.

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