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An Alleged Serial Killer Charged in 3 Murders by the NYPD

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(Brooklyn, NY/77WABC)-A suspect who allegedly committed three murders at NYCHA’s Carter G. Woodson Complex on Powell St. in the Brownsville Section of the Brooklyn, NY is under arrest.

The NYPD’s Chief of Detectives, Rodney Harrison says 66-year-old Kevin Gavin, a resident of the Senior Housing Complex,  is suspected of three homicides between 2015 and 2021.  Gavin is scheduled for arraignment today on three counts of second-degree murder.

Harrison says Gavin often ran errands for residents of the complex.

The latest killing on Jan. 15th, 2021. Police say Juanita “Jenny” Caballero, 78, was found strangled with a telephone cord inside in the hallway of her apartment.

In November of 2015  82-year-old Myrtle McKinney’s body was found on her kitchen floor.

Her death was initially ruled to be natural causes. It was later reclassified as a homicide after a knife wound was found on the back of her neck.

Officials say McKinney also suffered three broken ribs.

Police say Gavin is also suspected in the April 2019 death of 83-year-old Jacolia James. She was found dead inside of her 11th-floor apartment. Investigators say James had  “highly suspicious injuries” to her head and torso.

Detectives said they had eyed Gavin for a long time but never charged him due to lack of evidence.

NYCHA residents including members of victims’ families held a press conference outside the Woodson houses Thursday afternoon. They are asking NYC to

immediately install Surveillance Cameras in hallways, elevators, and stairwells.

NYC officials say the installation has been delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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