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Cuomo annouces covid-19 vaccine delivery date and doses

NEW YORK (77WABC) – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that New York state will receive enough doses of a coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer for 170,000 people by the middle of next month.

“New York’s first delivery of the Pfizer vaccine will be enough for 170,000 New Yorkers,” Cuomo tweeted. “We expect, if all safety & efficacy approvals are granted, to receive these doses on December 15.”

New York state expects additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine by the end of December.

“By the end of December, the administration suggests there will be enough to vaccinate 20 million people with two doses, which is 40 million doses,” Cuomo said. “That means 6% of Americans. Gives you an idea of where we are going to be going into January, and those 6% will be prioritized, health care workers, seniors in congregate facilities. 6% of Americans having vaccinations by the beginning of January, you see how far we have to go.”

The governor said they are following a CDC advisory panel’s recommendations on prioritizing the initial vaccine distribution to health care workers and nursing home residents and staff.

The panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, voted 13 to 1 during an emergency meeting to make the recommendation. The director of the C.D.C., Dr. Robert R. Redfield, is expected to decide by Wednesday whether to accept it as the agency’s formal guidance to states as they prepare to start giving people the shots as soon as two weeks from now.

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