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LISTEN: Gov. Cuomo agrees with President that media can be “nasty” and “biased”

NEW YORK (77WABC) – Christmas is still weeks away but a miracle may have already occurred.  Governor Cuomo is actually agreeing with President Trump when it comes to the media calling some of them “biased, “having a “nastier tone,” and “unprofessional.”

Cuomo said in an interview with WAMC host Alan Chartock on Monday, “The way they question President Trump at some of these press conferences is just — I’ve never heard that tone with the president.”

When Chartock countered with, “Well, he deserves it, doesn’t he?,” Cuomo didn’t wholly agree.

“Well, yeah, except there’s supposed to be a decorum to the institution,” he said. “You want to say, ‘Well I don’t like the president and I disrespect him.’ I know. But it’s still the office of the president.”

Cuomo went on to say that if reporters used the same tone back when his father was governor, “They would’ve been lucky if he didn’t deck them.”

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