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Federal Judge Salas recalls ‘worst nightmare’ when son was murdered, husband shot

NEW YORK (77 WABC) — Federal judge Esther Salas has made her first public comments since the shooting at her New Jersey home that killed her son and wounded her husband.

“While my husband is still in the hospital recovering from his multiple surgeries, we are living every parent’s worst nightmare,”  Salas said. “Making preparations to bury, bury our only child, Daniel.”

She made the comments on YouTube.

Police think Roy Den Hollander was targeting Judge Salas when he attacked her family while posing as a FedEx driver.

He was later found dead by suicide.

Salas said she was cleaning up after her son Daniel’s 20th birthday celebration on July 19 when the shooter arrived at their North Brunswick house.

“Daniel, being Daniel, protected his father,” she said. “And he took the shooter’s first bullet directly to the chest. The monster then turns his attention to my husband. And began to shoot at my husband.”

She said there is a lack of privacy for federal judges.

“I am begging those who are in power to do something,” Salas said. “For my family, the threat was real and the free flow of information from the Internet allowed this sick and depraved human being to find all our personal information and target us.”


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