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Long Island Nears First Phase of Reopening

NEW YORK (77 WABC) — Long Island and the Mid-Hudson region are about to begin the reopening from the coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo said at his briefing Friday that both areas could start phase one next week if the number of deaths keep declining and they get more tracers into the fold.

Anticipating the restart, he is permitting construction staging on Long Island and the Mid-Hudson.

Overall, the death toll rose again slightly yesterday to 109, but other hospital trends were lower.

New guidance from the CDC states people getting infected from COVID-19 on surfaces is no longer a major source of spreading. Now they are saying it primarily is an airborne virus.

“It takes you back to–wear a mask,” Cuomo said.

A campaign of New Yorkers making public service announcements telling people to do just that is down to five finalists. The governor said more than 90,000 votes have been cast.

The state is launching a pilot COVID testing program with 52 independent pharmacies. There are more than 700 testing sites across New York.

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