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Lucy from Penn Station on Mother’s Day

By Curtis Sliwa:

Meet Lucy, living in Penn Station for 3 years, who wants nothing more than a room to call her own. She has lived on and off in Penn Station for the past 3 years.

Her name is Lucy. When I first saw her 3 years ago she was more lucid. Time in Penn Station has aged her dramatically and her memory has begun to slip ever so slightly. She told me years ago that she was named by her mother after the actress “Lucille Ball”.

She grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn and went to Erasmus HS which is where Barbara Streisand went. She got married early, raised a son on her own who recently passed away from Cancer and now she has no where to live now and Corona Virus has made it worse.

All she is asking for is a room in a “Rooming House”. What kind of a society would let Lucy “Roam the Streets” and live on the subways and in Penn Station?

She is part of the Legion of the Forgotten. The Guardian Angels will not forsake Lucy as so many others have.


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