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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, A video of Ambassador John Bolton resurfaced today in which he admits that both calls between President Trump and President Zelensky were warm and cordial and that it was a “high priority of the United States to ensure that Ukraine was free of corruption.” Trump has done nothing wrong and has every right to ensure that Ukraine’s newest administration is not corrupt before sending them security assistance. Bolton’s statement on this matter ends the discussion on this matter as Bolton’s position on the situation was both clear and informed. Then, Democrats are impeaching Trump to prevent him from making another supreme court pick. This is why we can’t take anything for granted and we must be active in influencing our elections. We must take action to promote freedom within our republic. Later, the media’s latest bombshell is that the Democrats have known about Bolton’s concerns since late September 2019. The bigger question is why the Democrats Eliot Engel and Jerry Nadler held onto this information instead of reporting. Perhaps they should both testify as material fact witnesses. Afterward, Ambassador David Friedman joins the show to discuss the latest on yesterday’s Middle East peace plan announcement. Mentioning that per the plan, jihadist groups in the region must disarm. The plan allocates 70% of the territory to the Palestinians and 30% to Israel. The plan also calls for Israeli security assistance and economic aid, an investment of billions, for the Palestinians to have a thriving economy. The US has no interest in being a party to an agreement that will fail.


John Bolton, 2019 – Ukraine Call Was Warm & Cordial

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